Currently Triangle Equities owns and manages over 1 million square feet of real estate in the New York Metropolitan area and Florida and has over $500 million dollars worth of new construction projects in some stage of predevelopment or construction.

Triangle is both an owner as well as an investor in the real estate projects it develops. The management of a property we have developed, whether it’s an office, retail, entertainment, residential, hotel or industrial space, is a critical component of Triangle’s success. The importance of tenant relationships is always thoroughly emphasized through maintenance and marketing programs, landscape management, community relations, and security and vandalism programs.
Thereby, Triangle uses all assets at its disposal to meticulously manage all its properties. Triangle has developed long lasting relationships with trusted, highly rated contractors, as well as employs a devoted team of porters who diligently maintain Triangle’s properties and immediately address any and all unforeseeable complications brought to management’s attention.

This is all done in the interest of providing our tenants with the best possible service and product, as well as maintaining community standards by presenting our properties’ finest face. Triangle thrives off of the happiness and success of its tenants. We build and preserve great relationships with our tenants, always leaving an open door for the communication of comments, concerns and maintenance issues.

Through these tactics Triangle has become a preferred landlord in the eye of all of its tenants, in particular the State of New York. The symbiotic tenant / landlord relationships that we uphold retain the value of the properties, which is beneficial for all – Triangle, tenant, and community alike.

With our hands-on approach to property management, Triangle motivates itself to create projects that are economically viable for the long term. We become a member of the community where we build – investing in the community’s future as the community invests in change.